Find helpful resources to develop your program and your team.  NEW RESOURCES ADDED THIS WEEK! Great books to read; helpful articles; and tools for yourself, your team or your organization.  This is where collaboration begins.  Once you have reviewed these resources, feel free to contact us and learn how PB&J marComm has applied these resources.  To link to the resource, click on the image or blue words

Client work

Check out the video PB&J marComm produced for one of its clients, Opportunities For Change.  This along with other resources like webinars, survey tools, and collateral design are available to all of PB&J’s clients.

Good Reads

cultivateMay I Cultivate You by Phillip Perdue, CFRE

An excellent review of careers in fundraising through a humorous eye.  Consultants are not smarter, we are just smart enough to work with great people like you, Mr. Perdue.



switchSWITCH: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

A great instruction book on how to manage change and adjust paradigms.  This book teaches how to start with the bright spots to help direct the rider, motivate the elephant, and shape the path.  It also includes great case studies for any organization.


mouseLessons from the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life by Dennis Snow

A great reference for any organization.  If anything you will value the importance (and challenge it can be) of maintaining the proper on-stage appearance and behavior, and keeping backstage backstage.


HumanTo Sell is Human by Dan Pink

A challenging look at what we all do everyday.  In some way we are trying to sell someone daily on an idea or an item.  Often, because we believe it is in their best interest.  This helps us all face the truth, that to sell is human.



Other Reference Material

FASB116: Understanding Contributions and pledges (promise to give)

PB&J marComm is not an accounting firm or an attorney, but I often get asked about how calculate pledges, gifts of stock, etc.  For convenience, this is here.  Please consult an accounting professional for more information.



MAJOR GIFT FUNDRAISING: Unlocking the potential of your non-profit

major-gift-fundraising-summaryA detailed study of the value of one-to-one fundraising in comparison to events, direct mail, grant writing and other staples.  How investing in this aspect of development offers long-term and sustainable return.  It is worth the download, the time to read and re-read.



PERSONAL BRANDING: Why Social Intelligence matters


Slide01A presentation given to the WCR-Coastal Virginia on 3/10/16 about the importance and aspects of personal branding. Give information on the 3 main parts of managing your personal brand. Click Here for the presentation in a PDF format

Giving USA 2017

State of the Region: Non-Profits

How America Gives (A state by state look)



An audit checklist you can use to set up and perform internal controls.

BP#7A weekly worksheet you can use to help your team self evaluate where they are in their performance.