No, 1001 is not a typo. I figure if you are the type attracted to such titles, you have read at least a 101. I know! I love goals! They are the ultimate motivation for me. They keep me focused, help me to grow, and give me a sense of accomplishment, even if I may fall short.

I first got hooked after taking a Zig Ziglar class. Then I went to management training with Enterprise RAC where I started to understand SMART goals. Most recently, I read the book SWITCH by the Heath brothers, and that really brought it together for me. Goals need to be attached to a WHY!

So now, instead of SMART goals, I have SMARTY goals. My goals are a Stretch, Measurable, yet Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound, and WHY did I set this goal. That WHY is huge! It needs to be concrete. It is not just because I need to lose weight. It is “I need to lose weight because my son is more active and wants me to do things I can’t. So by this summer I want us to be able to do a 20 mile hike.”

That “WHY” connects me to outcomes that involve the change I want in my life. Then the action steps are what I will take regularly to achieve that goal. It is in the action steps that the RELEVANT and TIME-BOUND is key. Will the action steps, be part of achieving the goal? Are they realistic (am I trying to go from no exercise to 5 days a week)? Then is the requirement one that I can be done in a way that if I fail this week, I can find success next week. For example: 90 minutes of exercise weekly; OR 3-30 minute exercise periods each week. This goal is much more realistic, and helps me not to throw away the goal if I fail at an action step 3 weeks in a row. I can have that sense of accomplishment the first week I achieve this action step.

Goals for me are about movement and accomplishment. They do not have to be big and life changing. They can be getting the laundry done             or cleaning a room. It is a way to make a less desirable task, positive. Just don’t forget the time-bound piece. Timers and stopwatches can add to that sense of accomplishment.

The final and most important piece is to share your goals. Involve the most important people in your life and make it part of the conversation. Also, make it something you review everyday. I have 10 questions about my goals that I have to answer on my mirror everyday. I started the daily questions last September, and I am achieving my goals more, and feel more enriched and successful.

Wishing you continued success with your goals.


Goal Setting 1001
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One thought on “Goal Setting 1001

  • February 9, 2016 at 7:44 am

    I love the concept of adding the Y (Why) to the caboose of the goal. It helps affix emotional response to it. I remember reading Tony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within” and he said that you can make any change permanent by attaching a heavy emotional component to the need to change or achieve. Great job, Patrick.

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