Strategic Revenue Generation is about creating a solid plan for your team’s success. Success that includes the front lines, the back office, the boardroom and the reception desk. A solid plan involves the best practices of constituent engagement, outstanding customer service, good sales skills, strong story telling, and well-developed goals.

It begins with listening

PB&J marComm invests its time to ask the right questions.  Our consultants want to learn about your organization, its challenges and its goals.  We then document what we heard and send it to you.  After you confirm we have a solid understanding, then we move forward.

Collaboration begins

Together, we pull from experience.  What may be a fundamental concept, may be new or a unique approach for you.  Whatever the plan is, it is one that is developed together.

Our goal

We want to get you to the next level.  That could be getting your organization’s sustainability established, or getting to the point you can add another member to your team.   Ultimately, our goal is to help you exceed yours.

Strengthening infrastructure

If your organization is looking to build a strong fundraising program, PB&J marComm can help you self-evaluate to improve the success of your activities. Having a solid stewardship and development plan to engage donors along with developing strong policies and procedures that give funders confidence are essential to the foundation of your program.

Team philosophy

Fundraising is essential to delivering your mission. PB&J marComm can help you share the importance of fundraising to everyone in your organization. Through focused training of board members, volunteers, and staff become a part of the 85% of fundraising done before the first penny is asked for and support your efforts.

Developing the best opportunities

We can help you prepare information for grants, get the best ROI for your event, or create the means for sustainable funding.  Whether just formalizing your program, planning events, or cultivating major donors, PB&J marComm will strategically fit into your team and be instrumental in making your goals, your results.