‘Twas the week before New Year’s

The center was bustling


For hunger knows no calendar

Addiction does not have a season

Neither does homelessness, literacy, or rescue pets

For our precious planet, we can always find a reason


The fundraisers could not be found

They had done late night events, donors visits, holiday cards, and wanted a breath

The program staff was bustling

For their mission was profound


In a quiet office, the phone did ring

Bob answered the phone in the absence of the person with a front desk view

Like he had taught the staff, he almost did sing

“Acme Corporation, This is Bob, how may I serve….you”


On the other end, a voice quite familiar and clear

“Bob, this is Chris from Smith & Robinson CPA’s”

“Hi Chris, Merry Christmas” Bob did say

“Bob, Merry Christmas, I have been looking at things. It has been a GREAT year

I suggest you give $8000 more in a charitable way”


“We need the acknowledgment and gift before the end of the week”

“Chris, $8000 this week, aren’t most places closed, where do I start?”

“Bob, you are a generous guy, I am sure you know with whom to speak”

“Call the place where you are on the board, show you really want to do your part”


That is what I will do, “That’s a great idea Chris,” Bob said.

He immediately hung-up the phone, and called the Executive Director Fred.

His voicemail said he was on vacation until the week after next.

He offered no other contact, he offered no additional direction, Bob was perplexed.


Bob called his wife, “Jane, who was that benefit for that we went to around Halloween?”

“It was for the food pantry for kids, I believe”

“Do you have their number, do you know where it is?”

“I think it is off Amberdean”


“Thanks Jane, Chris says we need to give $8000 to charity right a way”

“Do you feel this place is OK”

“Yes, of course, they just sent us a Christmas card with a great story about Katie”

“The picture was so cute, the story so touching

It could just as easily been a friend of our grandchild, Sadie”


As quick as his fingers could Google, he found their name

“Full bellies, full backpacks” it said. He immediately gave them a ring

“Happy Holidays, Full bellies and backpacks, this is Sally a volunteer, may I help you”

Her joyous greeting, the professionalism, in her answer she almost did sing


“Sally”, Bob said. “There is something I must do, can you help me, will you?”

“Yes sir, If there is anyway I can I will, or get the right person, I promise to.


“My name is Bob and I would like to give you $8000 provided you can get me a letter this week”

“Mr. Bob, I know just what to do, I know just who to call, for Christian is the person we seek”


For at Full bellies, full backpacks they had a plan

They had a staff meeting, and typed out instructions and contact info they put in everyone’s hand.

If a donor should call seeking credits or a speedy acknowledgement

To Christian or Sarah a message would be immediately sent.


They had a plan, everyone knew what to do

Christian could manage it, even though he was vacationing in Timbuktu


Bob was satisfied

Sally was a hero

Christian insured Full bellies and backpacks would not miss a check with multiple zeros

Their mission was without a doubt met!


Thus, Bob said it well before he drove out of sight

Happy New Year y’all

You treated me just right!


Hope you enjoyed my attempt at poetry. More important, make sure you have a plan to welcome significant checks if your ED or fundraiser is not available. Make sure you update your voicemail, your email auto-responders, and everyone has a copy of the plan. Happy Holidays from PB&J marComm.

T’was the week before New Year’s
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  • December 20, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    Loved the poetry. Well done and so true!

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