If you have Officer, Director, or Manager in your title there is a chance you have some people that report to you directly. Because you are in a non-profit, there is also a slew of people that don’t report to you directly, but consider you a leader. Then there is a whole other group, that have the title Volunteer that report to you if you scream “HELP!” the loudest.

No matter if they are directly a part of your team or not, these people are a part of your success and your role is to contribute to their success. Sales or Fundraising, revenue generation is stressful and it is imperative that the environment is positive.

Here are 4 things that you can do that help create a positive environment, contribute to the success of your team, and ultimately your success.

  1. Find ALL the bright spots – Because revenue generation is your role as the head of development, it is natural to get excited about the 4+ digit gifts. But your team does not only have Major Gift Officers with several years of experience. Make just as big a deal about your data person who has reduced your bad emails by 25%. Hum “Ode to Joy” because your coordinator found a new band for the special event. Don’t forget the volunteer who was he first one to ask the HVAC company if they were supporters and now your new MGO got their first giving society member.
  2. Be Human – You are not the Pope and your thoughts are not infallible, nor are your ideas always the best. Be willing to adjust your plans based on input from your team. Welcome and use other peoples ideas and give them credit. If you put a bad idea in place, and get that feedback, admit your mistake
  3. Its about more than $$$ – Money is a nice incentive.  Everyone ask for it but it is the least effective because most often it goes towards bills and necessities, not a special purchase or activity. There are plenty of other things available to you that will get you better results. For example, time off. Give away “off the books” half days. Stock up on “guilty pleasure” gift cards like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Cold Stone for some instant gratification. DO NOT underestimate the value of a handwritten Thank You note for a job well done.
  4. Make it Fun – Potlucks build the sense of family. Random dancing gives everyone the giggles. Crayons inspire creativity, so make the next birthday card instead of buying one.

If the people around you feel valued and like YOU, success happens. In his book, May I Cultivate You, Phillip Perdue offers additional insight into ways to create a team environment and employee loyalty. Check him out at http://phillipperdue.com/ .

4 ways to increase Fundraising SUCCESS.
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